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Re: How can I escalate after being provided wrong or different information multiple times regarding my new bill?


Too good to be true was my thoughts at first as well. Which was why I asked him repeatedly to confirm that my total bill would be $107.  And I was told today that these calculations were met by adding the credit I received from trading in my old phones to the retail price of the new phones (which again CORE then later said is impossible to do despite the agent telling me that CORE was the team who would do this for me), then calculating the monthly amount.  So $70 for 6gbs, $30 for the lines. 20% off this with work discount brings us to roughly $80.   Then for the phones $792 + $692 - $400 credit divided by 24 = about $45.  So that brings us to $125 before taxes and fees (this is what I was paying a few months ago before Verizon gave me another discount which brought it down to $111).   So while this doesnt get me to the $107 quote, it gets me close enough.

Regardless, your point about being devious is spot on. And it appears this one will cost me over $600 over 2 years.