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Re: How can I escalate after being provided wrong or different information multiple times regarding my new bill?

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6 GB $70

2 lines @ $15/line each

So base cost before new phones = $100, So with taxes about $107 - I believe the rep was only quoting "service" and not the phones. We see this very commonly now. It is devious and not right, but that is what I see being done a lot.

Now you need to add the cost of the phones per month - $28 and $33 each approx by the Verizon web page

So total cost per month for 24 months is $168.

Your initial belief that $107 was too good to be true with 2 new phones was a true intuition.

You can complain and maybe get a one time credit or some free data, but you most certainly won't get $107 with the new phones.

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