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Re: 15% Discount from employer

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Jopike15 wrote:

I've had a 15%  off discount from my employer for the last 8 yrs and it disappeared off my bill.  How do I get my discount back? And can I be credited for the 15% I over paid last month?

Yes my employer still offers the discount and yes I'm still employed.

A couple of years ago, Verizon started requiring customers to occasionally re-confirm they are still employed by the employer associated with any discount they may be receiving. Verizon would send an email asking to provide a valid company email, a recent pay stub or some other sort of proof. If you failed to respond, your discount would be terminated.

Some people have had these emails intercepted by their spam folder or simply ignored them and had subsequently had their discount removed from their account.

All you have to do is to re-apply to get your discount. You will not receive any credit for months the discount had been removed.

Verizon Employee Discount & Employment Validation - Verizon Wireless

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