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Need Help With Customer Service


This is by far the worst customer service I ever had and I haven't even received the service yet. My fiance and I took some hours off work to have Fios put in. No one showed up. Called back customer service just for them to tell me that the order was on hold. No one from Verizon ever bother to inform us while here we're starving thinking they would show. We have an appointment from 10am-3pm. A man from Verizon named David left a voicemail that everything was set in stone and an email confirmation was also sent. Now they've schedule for the next day wasting more of my time. The supervisor I spoke with, Amir, shouldn't be a supervisor at all. He denies that he does not have any of his superior's contact (of course I don't believe that). Tells me if I wanted to file a complaint I must use their website, that I needed to go to "Site Feed Back > Customer Complaint". I could not find that all. Amir avoid my questions to avert from being in trouble. On top of it all, I spoke with him today 10/31/2015 and to confirm with if a tech showed up. I ask for some type of compensation for all of this. He said cannot. I've waited 5 hours and spoke to him for another hour to get things situated and make me waste another day. I mean if this is the customer service they are providing and I will be planning on another service provider. Prior to all of this they were many mistakes made before this big one occurred, they couldn't get their information right, the couldn't get the appointment right every time they called to confirm. I have to correct them 3 times. Verizon does not have all their ducks in a row. This way too complicated and no customer satisfaction. I want Verizon Corporate and the public to know that this is unacceptable. The only contacts that I have was their physical mailing address. A complaint mail will be sent to their physical address also. I wanted an email address so I can send attachments of my burden of proof that I'm not exaggerating. If someone can point me to the right direction to file a complaint.  Lastly if my satisfaction are not met I sorry to say this but I will be canceling this Fios service and my Verizon mobile service no matte what the cost are.

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