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Applying coupon codes after the purchase?


I recently purchased 2 different phones online and due to some technical issues on my end I managed to not get the Visa50 coupon code in the coupon code box In the checkout form.  I called and was told the only thing I can do is to return the phones and repurchase.  I have a hard time believing that Verizon wants to accept two phones back only to reship them again.  There should be some sort of "missed coupon" tool in billings bag of tricks.   So far, the phone reps have not been helpful.   Anyone know of the best way to handle or get this done?  The Visa offer is $50 off any phone purchase.  So should be worth $100 between the transactions.  When you enter the code in the cart it takes it off the phone price instantly.   My problem was fighting with my billing zip and cc zips not matching so by the time I sorted it out I forgot to renter the codes.

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