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Why is my bill almost 20 dollars more than originally stated?


I signed up for two phones, both Droid Turbo's, great phones, and this was on Cyber Monday, where both phones were 10 dollars a month each, with one costing 11 for 64 GBs of storage.. After all was said and done, the monthly total was 91 dollars a month, with $0.00 estimated tax, activation fee waived, and 1GB of shared data, along with line access for both phones. 91 dollars seemed fine, and I paid. My problem now, is that the bill came, and instead of seeing 91 dollars, I'm being charged $108.42. Apparently $12.76 for "Verizon Wireless ' Surcharges and Other Charges & Credits". 21 for equipment, which seems fine, and 74.66 for monthly charges, which makes no sense, considering I was shown 70 dollars. What I want to know is: why am I suddenly being charged nearly 20 dollars more than what I was told? Do I have to call Verizon to dispute this?

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