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Poor customer service saga, continued


I have a fraudulent charge on my cell phone bill. It was perpetrated in a scam event that put $60 into the scammer's Sony Wallet. On the day it happened I called Verizon to complain and figure out what I can do to get the charge reversed.

In the initial call I was subjected to being called a liar (by a supervisor) and told that I could do nothing about the charge until my bill came in. I posted the event on this forum (see the following link: Poorest customer service in more than 10 years with Verizon - I received a communication from Verizon (also on the post) basically saying they did care and that they would contact me, which they did. Unfortunately I was going out of the country and wouldn't be available until October 3. No problem they said, they would contact me after I returned.

Fact Number 1: A Verizon contact (Roseanne M) told me that she would call me on October 5 (the day I got back) and that she was going to put it in her calendar to do so. She did not. Even after I sent her another message asking if she was going to call, nothing.

I called customer support back on Wednesday October 7 to explain the problem yet again. Spoke with Abraham and discussed the problem once again (I had the bill this time). After more than an hour on the phone (lots of hold time once again) I felt like Abraham understood the problem and he gave me a course of action ending with "And if that doesn't work, call us back and we will get this straightened out". The gist of the problem was to call Sony, give them the problem and ask them to straighten it out. I followed his course of action and Sony would not help. So I called back, This time I spoke with Shantel (could be Shauntel or Shawntel) and explained the problem yet again (now it is the third time).  I was told that Verizon could not do anything because the transaction put $60 into a wallet account and that all I had to do was call Sony and tell them to take the money out of my wallet account. I then (once again) explained to Shantel that I did not have a wallet account with Sony and could not get Sony to do anything without a PSNetwork ID (which I do not have since I have never signed up for a PSNetwork account). I think at this point Shantel understood that a fraud had occurred so she put me on hold (Verizon loves putting customers on hold) and spoke to her supervisor. Her supervisor offered to refund half the money, but Shantel (to her credit) told me not to accept that offer and that her supervisor would review all the activity on the account and would contact me within 48 hours to discuss and resolve the issue. Shantel even told me that she was putting a note into her own file to call me back on Friday October 9 to follow up.

Fact number 2: I was promised a call within 48 hours to discuss the issue.

Fact number 3: I was promised a call by end of day Friday October 9, 2015 by the customer service representative as a follow up and courtesy.

Fact number 4: Nothing has happened on this action and I am still stuck with a bill for $60 that I did not order nor did I consent to.

Fact number 5: A transaction was purchased on my account which was verified by sending a text message indicating acceptance, yet no such text message appears on my bill.

In this day and age, you might think that Verizon would be willing to treat a 12 year customer with a bit more respect, but sad to say they do not. Verizon, this will cost you a long time customer.

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