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Re: Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans

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That whole lawyer and class action thing is actually really funny. That would be like trying to sue a gas station for raising prices when you are free to take your car to another gas station of your choice. Or stay at that station or buy lower grade/cost fuel. Likewise you are free to take your phone to the carrier of your choice, or stay or change your plan if you wish. Ahhh capitalism... Sure it sucks when prices go up but there is nothing illegal about it so maybe venting some can help you feel better. I've had leasing companies and insurance companies raise thier rates and fees before also, again which sucks, but they can. I'd also have no chance in winning a lawsuit against them either, as I'm not forced to comply with thier prices if I choose not to. I could also change rates/coverage or choose another company to do business with.