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Re: Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans

Líder Sénior

If you looked about it ranged from 5-20.  Also you have to consider AT&T throttles or rather the other 3 throttle while Verizon regulated can't be throttled in any way thanks to block C.  T-Mobile depriortizes you at 20GB, AT&T does it at 10GB(used to be 5 iirc), and Sprint does it at 10GB also.  So during congestion they give priority to others over you.  Verizon can't do this and if you can use 40mbps they have to give you 40mbps.  So the data plans may look the same and the prices may be different but what is offered is also different.  Just some food for thought.  These plans are also comparable to landline plans to boot