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Re: Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans

Líder Sénior

You have multiple lines with unlimited data and have never exceeded 2 GB in a month on any of them? You are an example of someone who does not need unlimited data and could save  a LOT simply by changing to the Verizon plan.

How much are you paying for your service each month? You can get 2 smartphones with 6 GB/month of shared data for $100/month with unlimited talk/text on the Verizon plan. This is 50% more data each month than you claim to have ever used.

This is most likely less than you were paying BEFORE the price increase and even MORE savings AFTER the increase. I used to have unlimited data, but also did not use more than 2 GB on any of my lines. I made the switch after I figured I could save money by making the switch and STILL use as much data as I would like. I actually don't even come close to my monthly allowance and save a LOT of money over what I would be paying had I kept my unlimited data.

For people who actually use the data, unlimited is a good deal. For people who do not use a lot of data, especially for those with multiple lines, unlimited data IS NOT always the best choice.