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Re: Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans


Verizon is encouraging me to go to another provider for cell phone service. A grandfather plans should be honored at the price point for all the years a customer needed to buy new phones and keep the plan they want. Also, It's been apparent how Verizon has failed to provider data packages that are comparable in our growing technological world.I don't blame people keeping unlimited grandfathered plan since verizon current tier data packages are horrible. Today everyone has smart phones and they use it for a variety of reasons from using it as a GPS features for directions,looking up restaurant websites and menus , checking social media for info, or steaming music on the go. Today everything we use a smart phone will require more and more data. Webpages are built today with more features that require users to use more data, social media as twitter,Reddit,Facebook, Instagram , and etc all require data to download files to view or read images and files. As well, Streaming music is another issues i have with Verizon since I've recently heard smartphone can have FM radio chips but they are disabled so we MUST USE DATA to listen to music on the go.

Verizon if you choose to focus on what's best for Verizon and have no regards to your customer, so be it. You will not get customer loyalty in the future and for every customer you lose , we'll be sure to tell ten more people not to use Verizon and why. Your price tiered price structure isn't relevant to for users to grow in the future for both fun and utility. Lastly, you message to increase grandfathered plan gave no information on why! That is bad courtesy and disrespectful, it shows Verizon had no consideration to try to explain the price increase of $20.00 per month for grandfathered unlimited plans.