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Re: Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans


to everybody with verizon unlimited data from the 3G era:

VW really should not apply this universal charge for UDP off contract. this increase is due to 4G speed of xmission and the proliferation of apps for everything imaginable. i just purchased droid turbo 2 from motorola. old plan was for droid X (3g) which was not very fast and unreliable. now 2+ years off plan with very little web accessed with 3g phones, you want to add.... i probably would accept some sort of "tiered" surcharge from say $5-$20. but i think a flat rate is unfair to people on a budget..  i don't even have unlimited talk.  maybe verizon could upgrade talk & text to unlimited status along with their $20 addition to those who may be loyal but don't want to do a contract. i have tried to lower cost of wireless comm over the years, and having unlimited data is not a necessity. but not being able to pay your bill during the contract phase, along with device payments can have very unfavorable consequences. thank GOD that the turbo 2 is an unlocked device which verizon probably don't like.  maybe i commit to another carrier or maybe i just go straight data network...wont even turn wifi on at all.  Watch everthing on my phone, multi task, emails. i can maybe stick with an extra $20 and lower talk time and text. adjustments can be made.

I really feel that verizon does not want anybody to have unlimited if you don't do 2 year agreement.  verizon needs to rethink their status in the wireless community because we don't want to support the paychecks of the all the financial experts and lawyers you employ.  off contract is the new thing in town. first you say you can keep your plan if you purchase phone retail, then it didn't take verizon long to capitalize on it. how can you raise the price if i am not on a contract.  my original contarct plan for data is $29.95, not $49.95. this is what we agreed on.  I'm beginning to believe all the stories i hear about Verizon Wireless.  this is not deceptive sales practices. this is being TREATED AS IF YOU STOLE SOMETHING from a place of business. this is purely a fine for refusing to commit after reading the "fine print" of their 2 year contracts.  stand your ground verizon and lose many loyal customers. in any case i will survive.

respectfully submitted


thanks for letting me vent

i hear ya DamirD