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Re: Customer Service & Loyal Customers


Thank you for responding but you also did not read my message (read last sentence in my 1st paragraph) as I stated my grandson is in a training program which has no wifi, no restaurant, no park, nothing to do in the hot sandpit between southern Cali & Arizona other than kill scorpions that try to run up their legs at night and use their phones as there is not enough time to sleep during continuous shifts that rotate 2hrs off 4 hrs on. This training will end on 8/28/15 & as I said we just updated our plan to 10 MB in June. A bonus of 1 or 2 MB of data to help us out this month is really not asking much as I pay almost $300 a month for 2 paid for iPhones (all data is used by grandson) & 2 old flip phones that make about 10 calls, 5 texts & have no data capabilities!

I just don't think asking for a little help one time is too much to ask when we have been overcharged and misled in other transactions.