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Customer Service & Loyal Customers


We have been with Verizon Wireless from the start of using cell phones. Just got off the phone with customer service as my grandson is a U.S. Marine doing a training in the desert where the only civilized item is their phones but no wifi. For 2 smart phones (1 is rarely used) & 2 basic flip phones (that are never used) my bill is approximately 260.00 per month! Now he will go over in data by 2 GB as our billing cycle ends tonight...I pleaded for some type of help for this month as I just upgraded our plan a few months ago. I was told "sorry, there is nothing available to help you". Really?!? I asked about switching plans but was told my More Everything is the most inexpensive as this is an abnormal month to go over that much data.

What happened to helping your long standing, early bill paying customers? Where does Verizon's loyalty lie? We keep seeing other companies with amazing deals but are loyal with you....can you please help your great customers out with a Bonus, better plans that don't take options away???

Thank you for any response.

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