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question on line access fee

I purchase my son's phone for $200 plus upgrade fee of $40 for a two year contract from a third party online. No where did it state that any of my line access fees would be increased from $15/month to $40/month. Actually stated "keep same rate plan" on order. this is 3 weeks ago    

Today I go and upgrade my phone but went into third party store and was told it would be cheaper to sign up for monthly payment plan without upgrade fee, and line access fee increase and proceeded to show me the rate changes on my son's phone.

I finish my phone upgrade w/monthly payment plan and go home and immediately call Verizon about my son's phone.

I was told that since activation was November 13, 2015 I am beyond my 14 activation termination deadline.

I tell them I did not agree to line access increase and it is not indicated anywhere. Have not even gotten my first bill to see that fee increase. Would not have purchased phone if it was going to increase line access fee by more than double.

Third party store is willing to refund $200 cost of phone and reissue under monthly payment plan. But Verizon wants $350 termination fee on a 2 year contract that has not even billed the first bill in order for me to terminate and then renew under monthly payment plan.

Am I crazy, but I have to pay $350 to turn around and then pay $31/month payment on phone for 24 months and $15 line access fee because of a rate change that I never authorized, is not written anywhere or accepted by me anywhere, was not given prior notice, I object to it.

But Verizon expects me to pay them $350 to terminate and then stay with them after this and give them more money over a two year period for another phone?

After being a loyal customer since 2003 I do not believe they see the value in keeping me as a customer. Do they not see that the $350 ETF for a phone just activated on November 13th and today is December 7th, which was perfectly fine until the line access fee increase by more than double, will now cause me to find another carrier. So not only will Verizon lose the billing on this plan that I am objecting to is incorrect, they will also lose Iphone 6S Plus I upgraded to today, and the tablet I added today, and I will go to a carrier that will pay my termination fee for me.

So in return for the $350 ETF due to the unauthorized increase without prior notice of my line access fee from $15/mo to $40 Verizon will lose my monthly billing of approximately $130/month x 24 months = $3120.00 revenue generated that will be lost. 

All because I do not agree to the increase in line access fee and if this is due to the subsidizing of my $200 phone, fine, I will be glad to change over to the monthly payment plan. But you can't expect me to pay $350 to get out of a 3 week old contract because of an increase in my rate plan that is not disclosed anywhere, and then expect me to pay $30/mo for the phone on a 24 mo payment plan plus $15 line access fee plus the $350 ETF you just charged me to be able to change over. This is what is wanting to have your cake and eat it.

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