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Would Verizon get rid of the upgrade fee?

I tend to let my emotions get the better of me, especially when it comes to my hard earned money. I'm creating this post to hear other's opinions about the upgrade fee.

Verizon offers an upgrade promotion once you completed your two-year commitment (if I am wrong, please correct me). Once this would come up, I'm super excited because I'm assuming I'm getting a new phone for a BIG discount. That is only part of it, there is a fee and it is now $40 (as of 9/16/2015). I'm really trying to get my hands on the iPhone 6, for another two-year deal it will run me $199. Thankfully I have managed to find a great deal.With this being my second go with an upgrade, I'm bugged that Verizon won't waive the upgrade fee. I really don't understand why there is an upgrade fee to begin with, but it is doubtful Verizon will end that fee.

I did finally speak with one representative, through chat, that said they would be willing to give me partial credit so I would be able to upgrade my device TODAY! 20 dollars off sounded some what soothing, but after a few minutes he retracted his statement with, "I can only credit you $14." That one stung, because I was expecting another sentence to follow with, "Sorry I can't credit you anything." That sentence didn't happen, because I said thank you but no thank you.

So that is my experience and thoughts. I would be very interesting in other Verizon or non-Verizon customer's views on the upgrade fee. Muchas gracias.

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