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Re: No one at Verizon customer service does what they say they will do

We have a Verizon jetpack. On Sat 8/1 at 9pm we were watching a movie on dvd and not online using our jetpack. At that time someone who didn't hack but had access to our password used 4G of our 5G data plan. It wasn't us. Yes we changed our jetpack password since then. As our bill begins on 8/1, 80% of our data was used up on day 1 of our billing cycle. I called to ask Verizon what happened since we were not using our jetpack at that time, and that is what started all this. We never suck down 4G in one sitting. We don't stream movies or download large files. We check email and shop online. This was the first time since we've had a jetpack with Verizon, around 4.5 years, that we ever called them concerning unauthorized data usage. I'm appalled at Verizon's customer service but due to where we live our choices are painfully limited.