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When making a call to India, the other party cannot hear me. How do I stop this?


Everything was fine till yesterday. However, from today I have started facing a very strange problem; seems a sort of call routing problem.

When I make a call to India, the recipient cannot hear me (rather they hear their own voice back). I have tried calling different folks in India  many times on five different networks: BSNL, Aircel, Vodafone, Idea and Reliance. The problem occurred with every network except BSNL (Acc to this page: International Long Distance Calls | Verizon Wireless , it should work on all these networks, which it did till yesterday).  When I call the same people using my friend's phone (not Verizon), everything works fine.

P.S. I don't face this problem while making local calls, or using Google voice to call those people in India using the same phone.

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