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I recently changed from the Nationwide talk and text 1400 to the Nationwide talk and text 700.  Prior to making any change I made the technician whom I was speaking confirm on several occasions I would not lose my unlimited data nor my discount.  Once I received my bill I in fact lost my discount.  I have called on several occasions to explain my case and had it elevated to a supervisor.  They re-iterate that the plan no longer exists and that they cannot correct it.  I disagree with this statement as Verizon is the one who made the mistake not me.  If I were going to lose my plan or discounts I would not have made the change.  This is why I asked the technician on several occasions to confirm the fact nothing would change other than my minutes.  The supervisors also say they will elevate it and call me back as well and they never do.  I have (3) lines that were until Verizon unapprovingly removed the discount receiving a $20 discount per line.  Verizon has now cost me $120 because of your mistake.

I want my discount put back on each of the lines as again this was not my mistake but Verizon's.  I cannot believe that Verizon can tell the customer whatever they think we want to hear and then do whatever they want.

They tell my only recourse is to contact corporate by fax, which I will do. Verizon does not care about customer service or the customer or they would take care of this issue with one simple phone call as again it was Verizon who made the mistake.

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