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Re: What is the least expensive smartphone plan including TOTAL fees?

Líder Sénior

To do so within a requested budget, you'd need to call Verizon to explore any promotions you might be eligible for considering the present plan you are on and how many phones you plan to add.  A lot of what is offered isn't advertised; it's one of those, if you ask kind of things.  I still think, that unless you keep mobile data off 24/7, except for when you HAVE to use it, 1GB and even 2GB might not be enough.  But, like I said, getting more than 2GB is going to cost you near or more than $100 if you have no employer discount.  Also remember that insurance and taxes.  A More Everything plan at $40 line charge and $60 for 2GB plus $10 insurance and $5 taxes and you're at $115 right there.  There are promos from time to time where you can double the data or you can receive a small discount on present level of data, and of course you can change plans at anytime, BUT REMEMBER, once you change your plan you aren't guaranteed to get it back later.