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Customer Service Feedback Form? Kudos for James, phone rep in Atlanta.


I cannot figure out how to provide feedback to Verizon regarding a positive customer experience I had that resulted in me re-upping our family plan.  I had contacted Verizon with questions about international calling and Caller ID issue.  The representative I reached not only efficiently helped me with those issues, but also helped me figure out how to sync up my phone and my tablet, and noticed that we had let our contract expire on a couple of our lines.  I explained that we were waiting for all to expire, so we could jump ship to a less expensive plan with another company, and he assisted in figuring out ways to reduce our Verizon bill.  I appreciated the good service so much- especially the clarity of his advice regarding how to sync up and utilize my phone and tablet more effectively- that I decided it was worth sticking with Verizon, even if it is a bit more expensive than the other option.  I wanted to make sure that he got credit for the excellent service he provided, but I couldn't find anywhere on Verizon website to register my appreciation.  I also did not receive any survey or other means to provide feedback.  Does anyone know how to offer up kudos for a particular customer service representative?  The rep gave the name "James [removed]" and I know he was in Atlanta, because we talked weather.  ¡Gracias!

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