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Edge Contract/Change/Upgrade


I only owe $81.24 on my Edge contract. I want to upgrade my phone and want to keep my current phone. I'm under the impression that after the 81.24 is paid off I get to keep my iPhone 5S. I want to upgrade to the iPhone 6 Plus and switch to a 2 year contact. I found this info on the site:

"Si no deseas utilizar la opción Edge Up, debes pagar el saldo restante de tu dispositivo de Verizon Edge, ya sea en su totalidad o según las cuotas mensuales programadas. After your Edge device is paid off, you can purchase a new device under a 2-year service agreement."

So after reading this I would assume that I can pay off the remaining balance and then switch to a new phone and 2 year contact. I asked online help and they said that I had to wait until October before I can do that all that. Why would that be? If I'm paid off the phone is mine and I'm choosing to change my contact. Looking at my plan its currently "month to month" so I should be able to change whenever I'm paid off right? Can someone clear all this up for me?

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