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Early termination with Edge agreement. Whats the cost?


Does anyone know the cost of terminating with Verizon edge?

So I purchased a Edge plan this January under my parents family plan. When I bought the phone, I was under the impression from the sales person that I could leave the family plan at any time, as long as I continued my service/phone payments etc.

Now that I (and they want me to leave) apparently you can't with the edge plan. We tried making it a subaccount; however, that causes us frequently to get double billed and a number of other complications.

I've researched T-Mobile and sprints buy out programs and they cover a certain amount of the termination fees.

Does anyone know how much it would cost to leave Verizon at this point? I know I'd have to pay off the phone (i.e. $529) but I imagine there are other hidden fees as well. At this point I'd rather loose cash and leave than have to deal with all this hassle, but I am curious how much it will cost me.

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