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Re: Deteriorating Service Over the Years - Escalating Costs


I've called Verizon in the past and spent time talking about the service in my area. The woman I spoke with recommended resetting my network settings.  Do I need to do that every day?  How about you repair the service in my area?  How about not having customers jump through hoops and pay through the nose for poor service when it used to work just fine at a fraction of the cost before 3G, 4G, and LTE. Unbelieveable.

Also, if you actually read my complaint above, which I'm doubting now, you'd see that yes, I thought Edge was a good option for us. The phone you sent me malfunctioned and was replaced by Apple.  The phone isn't the issue - the service is!

Lastly, my husband had a conversation with Verizon 15-16 days ago and was told that the non-return fee would be removed from our account in 10 days.  Here I am today receiving messages saying the phone hasn't been returned. I have literally had this conversation with Verizon every month since January.  YOU RECEIVED THE PHONE.  The tracking number confirms this.  Our last five communications with Verizon confirm this.  REMOVE THE NEARLY $300 FEE FROM MY ACCOUNT OR I WILL RESORT TO LEGAL ACTION.

Oh, and I've followed you on Twitter.  I've tried to use your twitter service for assistance.  Your associate got back to me 24 hours later.  Seriously.  Should I be waiting on my twitter account with bated breath for 24 hours to receive a response?  Exceptionally poor customer service.