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Deteriorating Service Over the Years - Escalating Costs


I am beyond frustrated with Verizon at this point.  I've been a loyal customer since around 2002 and for most of that time had nothing but glowing things to say about my service.  Now, however, I have absolutely nothing good to say about my service.  I have lived in the same home since 2008 (when I paid $60 a month for cell service) and in the last three years I have experience a steady decline in service to the point of near non-existence. I live in Derry, NH, in the 03038 zip code area and these days my husband and I pay nearly $200 a month for service that constantly fails. Dropped calls and failed texts are no longer aberrations, but have become the norm.  Slowly but surely I went from being able to have crystal clear calls in my home, to sometimes having dropped calls, to no longer being able to use my phone indoors, to no longer being able to use the phone outdoors either.  I'm beyond frustrated and it kills me to make a $180 - $200 payment each month for this.  Not only does my phone not work at home, but it no longer works at my office in downtown Boston or the bus station.  These are the three places I spend my weekdays! 

In December my husband and I had decided we had enough and were going to leave Verizon.  We were sweet-talked into joining the Edge plan with the promise that 4G LTE and new iphones would likely solve our connectivity/service issues.  Verizon sent me an iphone 6 that had a massive hardware failure - the screen would turn red and the unit would reboot repeatedly.  I tried everything to get it to work and while I was successful for a time, it would crash again within a week.  After consulting Verizon (in person at a store - can't get a live person on the phone to save my life unless it's about a bill), they directed me to visit the Apple store to have the device replaced. I spent three hours at an Apple store to do that and now have a functional phone - but still no reliable service from Verizon!

On top of this, Verizon claimed I never turned in my old iphone 5 as directed to join the Edge program.  The thing is that I DID return the phone!  I even used the shipping label that THEY PROVIDED to return the unit to them!  I've shared the tracking number at least three times and each time I've been assured that I will not be charged for non-return of equipment. And yet, each month there are more messages saying it hasn't been received and this month a $300+ fee was attached to my bill for not returning the equipment.  I am a full-time working professional with two children at home and I've spent three evenings and one afternoon exclusively dealing with Verizon instead of spending time with my children. I finally handed things off to my husband - an attorney - to handle. Even he has been given the run-around. I really regret starting a new contract with this company.  I am beyond fed up with the poor service, the lack of customer support, the lackadaisical attitude of store employees, and the constant shifting of responsibility for their errors onto my shoulders. Every month my conversation ends with a representative saying "please check your statement next month and let us know if this charge appears."  Why is this my problem?  This should be their problem.!  Done. Done. Done.

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