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Re: Moto Z2 Play spontaniously shuts off and is hard to power back on

Community Manager
Community Manager

HDV626, I understand your frustration with your device. We want you to know that your concerns are being heard and we are working closely with Motorola to get this power issue resolved. I know you had mentioned that just a factory data reset has not worked, however, there has been some success doing the reset followed by the calibration. Please do the following steps in the listed order and let us know your findings:

For the current device please complete a Factory Data Reset without restoring any apps, content or inserting any SD Cards into the device; followed by the re-calibrating process (see below). Once both are completed test the device for 24 hours and confirm if the power cycle persists. 

Recalibrate the battery
Press and hold the power button until the phone reboots (10secs)
Plug phone into the OEM Turbo charger
Allow phone to charge to 100% (leave on the charger overnight).

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