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Re: Moto Z Force Droid extreme battery drain since Oreo update


I have the wireless charging Tumi Motomod.  If I didn't my phone would be a brick in about 15 minutes now.  This just started happeneing about a week ago. 

If I start in Safe Mode I get decent battery life.  In Normal Mode it's rapidly draining AND that happens with a normal boot but runnin in Airplane Mode too. Cheking battery use doesn't indicate many apps using it besides Facebook - which I'm constantly killing.  Facebook background was using more batttery than foreground.

I've cleared system cache and rebooted but it is still seeing excessive drain.  In fact it drained down the Motomod pack down to  15% right after a reboot in normal mode when it was over 80% minutes before in safe mode.

I've done the standard stuff seen elsewhere of turn of the phone and let it charge for several hours to recalibrate the battery gauge but this is annoying and leads me away from upgrading to a Z4.  I'd like the capability of disabling apps then enabling one by one to find the culprit rather than a nuke & pave. And no, this phone is NOT rooted.

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