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Z3 will not get past Blue Motorola Start Up Screen


Tonight I pulled out my Z3 from my belt holster and I had a Blue Motorola start up screen. I've seen this several times in the past (1-2 months) but it usually starts up. The phone is less than 1 year old. I cannot tell exactly how old because I ahve 8 lines and got this as a result of an iPhone locked by an ex-employee and this was sold to me in exchange for the iPhone that I cannot unlock.

OK that aside, this time the blue screen did not go away. It has stayed on the blue screen for over an hour. So I tried the troubleshooting guide. Unfortunately I could not manually turn off the phone. I could not do a factory reset because the "freeze" was on the start up screen. I tried charging it for over an hour with the blue screen on. No luck. Then I saw the options to troubleshoot go further. So I pressed power and vol down for 15~20 seconds until I got a horizontal andriod with its belly flap open and a 9 button keyboard. I toggled through the options each time the phone tried to reboot but would get stuck on the same blue screen of death. All I can do is try this method and go to the power off function and turn it off. Nothing seems to get me past the blue screen of Motorola death.

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