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Re: Moto Z Force Problems & multiple replacements ?


I have this exact same problem. Just got it in March. Phone won't let me answer, especially over Bluetooth,not all the time but ALot. Signal SUCKS for whatever reason. I purchase Motorola for the SIGNAL. FREEZES up ALoT. Just too many problems to name. I've gone to the store I bought it, 2 days after purchase, was told "Give it some time"??? Waited, went back, nothing we can do? REALLy? I didn't pay $720 for a phone I CANNOT even use. When I'm playing music, it even STOPS, just stops randomly. I've called customer service who said I'd need to talk to some other department, transferred 4 times, then dropped call. Did a chat, she said the same, wrong department... I'm frustrated and getting angry because I cannot even use my phone most of the time at this point......