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"SMS Memory Full" on AC791L Jetpack


I bought a refurbished AC791L Jetpack from Amazon and a new Micro SIM from a Verizon store. I set up the Jetpack successfully on a new Verizon account and data-only plan. The Jetpack works as expected.

But on the main screen of the Jetpack I get the message "1 alert requires attention" (with no obvious way to find that "alert"), and on the main page of the web admin tool, I get the warning "1 Alert, SMS Memory Full, Please delete some messages to receive new ones."

It is seemingly NOT referring to the Jetpack's internal message system, as I have received, read and deleted Verizon service messages there.

I assume it is referring to SMS storage space on the Micro SIM, can anyone confirm?

The Jetpack continues to function as expected, but I would like to remove the alert, as it blocks the default screen display of data usage. Since the Jetpack is not a smartphone, I don't know how I can "delete" SIM data.

Any advice appreciated.