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Re: Cant access Admin page Ellipsis mhs815l

I was wrong yesterday...  THOUGHT I could still get to internet but NOW I get the DNS error for everything I try to access.  This "gadget" is garbage.  The one I was working with belongs to my friend...  it is barely three months old and has never provided internet  speed as "advertised".  She asked me to please call tech support today and I guess I will since this disaster is my fault for changing settings.  BUT how bogus for a device to ALLOW change to settings that then will not allow one access to change back or to other settings or do the factory default reset.  I'm quite irked about this.  In the first place, when my friend wanted wifi at her house she already had Verizon home phone...  I "suggested" she go get the Verizon router with home phone, LAN internet AND wifi.  The lovely salesman talked her into keeping her Home phone device and just add this Jetpack...  convinced her since this is a mobile device and can make wifi hotspot anywhere.  Well golly gee jeepers so is her smart phone she was already paying for makes a mobile hotspot AND NOW she has to pay for an extra line whereas the router device uses ONE line for home phone and internet for ONE charge per month.  GGRRRRR    Also, I took my router to her house... just across the road from me AND my internet speeds were at least 25% faster than this "JETpack".  disgusting  ...   If I can't make this POS device function by Saturday WE...  not just her but me tooo!!!  are going to the local store to talk about this situation.