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Re: Cant access Admin page Ellipsis mhs815l


I am having the same problem.  While trying to set up an IP Camera on my friend's JetPack MHS815L,  I changed some settings... the camera, of course, still is showing to be offline no matter how I try to access it but to make matters worse, now I can not log in to her my.jetpack page to put settings back.  I am using my Verizon Ellipsis Tablet logged in on her wifi.   have cleared "browser history" but don't know how to run ipconfig on my tablet.  Don't have wifi on my pc so can't go that route.  I can access internet ...  web pages load with no problem just not 192.168.1  I have done the reset button ...  powered down and removed and replaced sim card but nothing is helping.   Total bummer ...  I've already installed and set up SIX of these cameras - three on my Verizon Voice/Data Router and three on another friend's Verizon Mobile hot spot without tooo much trouble but now it seems I have messed up my friend's Jetpack.  Will I have to buy her a new one??      P L E A S E    HELP!!!