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Re: XS Max dropped calls after answering (2-3 seconds)





Every person reporting this issue has experienced it in multiple locations. I live in Los Angeles, and it happens everywhere. I am currently in New York (in an area where I have full reception bars) and it just happened to me again, which is what prompted me to join this forum and write this post.


Your constant responses asking for zip codes and cross streets are either a diversionary tactic or completely misguided. 


You are clearly experiencing a software issue with iPhone XR and XS owners. The issue is specific to these models and it is occurring all over the country. 


Please stop wasting time and escalate this issue internally to the appropriate software teams so that they can properly run device-level diagnostics to identify the software issue and create a PERMANENT SOLUTION (not "toggling Airplane mode on and off" or "hard resetting the device").


Enough of this useless back and forth. If you wish this forum to be a legitimately meaningful and effective venue to identify solutions, then make it so.