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Re: My IPhone Xr drops calls after about 6 seconds.

Community Manager
Community Manager

cdiss, seeing that both your devices are impacted, I can see why you are searching for a fix. Having to constantly change your HD Voice settings is not ideal, so we are eager for you to be met with a resolution. What occurs when you have HD Voice turned off (selected on the Data only option)?


Let's start troubleshooting. Please reset your network settings and remove the SIM. Both steps assist with refreshing the network on your device. Below are links for both steps:

Reset network settings:

Remove SIM card:

Please note that reset network settings will erase your Wi-Fi password, so please ensure to input after your phone powers on again. Please make sure to have your device off when removing the SIM. To ensure that enough time has passed for the network to settle in, please allow 10 minutes after both steps have been completed to test out the signal.



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