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Can't receive verification text messages on phone from Verizon


I've talked to Verizon but the issue has never been resolved.

Around early December of 2019 I could no long receive the 6 digit verification code to access my Verizon account via text message. Prior to that time I could receive the code via text message, but now get a link to alpha-numeric code). When I click on the link I either get "Safari can't connect to the server at this time" or an orange screen with white text "Sorry we are not able to process your request at this time"

If I ask for the verification to be sent to my email on my computer, no problem, just takes longer.

I can send and receive texts normally otherwise so I know the text messaging on the phone works, just not the verification code from Verizon.

Any ideas of what can be done. I've looked at other threads but they don't seem to address this particular issue.