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Why is there a Crackling/Buzzing/Hissing on my iPhone 7?


Anyone else with this problem? Both my wife and I have iPhone 7 Plus. Just to the right of the Apple logo on the back of the phone there is a crackling buzz noise. If you have an iPhone 7+ would you please start up a video on YouTube or somewhere and turn the sound off, listen to the back of the phone near the Apple logo, and tell me if you have the same results? Also, you will need to be in a relatively quiet room and have no case on the phone.

Went to the Apple store and they pretended nothing was wrong with it. I convienced them to replace my wife's anyways because hers was extra loud. The new one is quieter in this regard but still makes the noise. I have a 128gb matte black one and she has a rose gold 32gb.

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