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Re: Verizon canceled pre-order, refuses to make it right


The same thing happened to me 2 years ago! I preordered my phone. At 6am, so for the Gold 128GB 6Plus, I had a ship by date of 9/28. Well, that date come & went & we're now into October. No phone. So, I call CS. I was told that my debit card was declined and the order was cancelled yet I NEVER RECEIVED A CANCELLATION NOTICE. So you got me beat on that aspect! Debit card should've never been declined as the money was there to cover the initial payment of the phone. They did give me a $30 credit on my next bill for my inconvenience.

Anyway, I get your anger. I was upset too when I saw a few hours into launch period last Friday that my phone, with an original delivery day of 9/16 now had a ship by date of 9/28! Well, luckily for me, my phone has shipped and will be here tomorrow.