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Re: Verizon canceled pre-order, refuses to make it right


It's 2016, I have credit cards stolen every single year, multiple times per year, it's naive to EVER think that a payment WON'T get declined, especially when its hundreds of dollars. I have no control over what the CC company thinks is fraud or not.

Also, you missed the point of this, obviously I didn't expect it to just sit there and be fine. What I do expect, is that a company's employees are aware of the methods of simply reprocessing a payment.

More than that, I expect better service than people consistently dropping the call and not having the decentcy to call the customer back. It's easy to sit behind your computer and act like it's no big deal when it hasn't happened to you, it's more annoying after you sit on the phone for 2hrs when all you needed was for them to click resubmit and all that came of it was a canceled order and an "Oh well!".