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Re: *TEMPORARY FIX* iPhone 6 Owners Suffering From Poor Reception


Yes its still working for me, make sure you have LTE Set on data only not voice and data. And try having the roaming settings on voice and data and uncheck international CDMA. You shouldve gotten a notification on your phone saying advanced calling was disabled. If that didnt work than try getting a sim tool or a paperclip that fits and try ejecting your sim for 30 secs than putting it back in. And Reset the NETWORK settings. If that didnt help than my suggestions would be to wait till iOS 8.1.1 which is supposed to come supposedly by the end of the week. if that update doesnt help try going to a verizon store and see if getting your sim card swapped helps, if it doesnt than i suggest you take your phone to an apple store and get it replaced. This tip helped me tons but alot of people are having factory defects with their iphone 6 because they are still early in the first batch so they wont be perfect. But try what i suggested and let me know how it goes, hope it helps.