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Re: *TEMPORARY FIX* iPhone 6 Owners Suffering From Poor Reception


So - I am not sure what you removed from your plan as a whole, however there are directions from Verizon bundled with the new phones saying what to do if you have poor sound quality/reception.

Step 6 in the quick start guide says "Turn on Advanced Calling" and also has a warning "As a first generation service [..] calling experience may differ..."

Anyhow - to turn it off is per the directions you gave (and also included in the quick-start guide).  The new service is to allow Verizon iPhone users to have both voice and data usage at the same time without requiring wifi.  Basically, what AT&T and T-Mobile have been offering their iPhone users since day 1.

Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE > Voice & Data (the new first generation that may cause issues for people)

If having issues change to:

Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE > Data Only

The guide says nothing about changing anything on plans to modify this.