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Photos have stopped uploading to my iCloud Photo Library

I took about four dozen photos last week while on vacation. I use a Verizon Apple iPhone 5c; my wife uses an identical phone, and we used our phones to take all our photos on this trip. We keep our photos in Apple's iCloud Photo Library, and it's been working quite well. I didn't have Wi-Fi available while we were away, so we immediately got onto our home network after we returned.

All my wife's photos (about 20) shot up to the cloud and quickly appeared in her Photos application on our MacBook Pro. I switched to my MacBook account, opened my Photos, and saw only about half of my pictures. I waited, but the rest of the photos never appeared. I noticed the very same problem when I checked the Photos app on my iPad. So I went back to my iPhone and saw all my photos, including the ones that never showed up on my MacBook. At the bottom of the screen in iPhone Photos, I saw the message "27 Photos to Upload." Every few seconds the message changes (but only briefly) to "Uploading 27 Photos," but then returns to the original message.

On my iPhone in Settings—>iCloud—>Photos, the iCloud Photo Library is "On." The progress meter reads "Uploading 27 Photos," but the blue line is stuck at about one-fourth the way across.

It's been two days now, and those 27 photos are still waiting to upload! I've tried everything I can think of-I've shut down my phone and turned it back on; I've reset my modem and router; nothing has worked. I'm looking for ideas from anyone, anywhere. I know Verizon didn't make the Apple 5C, and this situation concerns Wi-Fi, not 4G. But I'm asking for help here anyway. Maybe someone can help me.

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