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Re: Overage on Data Usage - Need Help


KinquanaH, I don't think you understand the situation I've described. I have had the same phone and plan for over a year, and it is already 4G. For the first 7 or so months, it has been using about 2.5 g a month. For the last three months, I have not changed how I use my phone, yet I am getting data in excess of 4g, causing an overage charge for these months.. In fact, I am using even less data, as I've recently been connected to WiFi for at least 14 hours a day, whereas in the months that I've only used 2.5 g, I was not using WiFi. Now that I think of it, I've also not be sending any photos or other media, so that also should result in lower, not higher usage.

And as I said previously, the suggestion that I change my plan so that I pay more while using less is not acceptable. I'm not sure why you restated it as if that's a helpful answer or a useful solution. I am coming here for help, so please read carefully what I'm taking the time to explain to you.

Muchas gracias.