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Re: I had planned on taking advantage of the Unlimited Data Loophole but... (VZW REP PLEASE READ)


I have a Droid Bionic Phone that is still on the unlimited data plan...I too went through ALOT of hassel to keep my plan. But...many phone calls later and alot of different reps.   I FINALY got the phone at my discount and...kept my old unlimited data plan...Although they dropped the insurance on the new Motorola Xoom Tablet I had just purchased saying that it was no longer available to me since I had been allowed to keep my unlimited data plan on the discounted phone?!!  The Tablet was just over 1 month old then..and fully insured. I bought it when purchasing a new phone before the cut off date for the availablity of the unlimited data plan?!  I Purchased the Tablet at full pricet because I DID NOT want to have another 2 Year Obligation on a data plan...but month by month only...AS IT SHOULD BE.  It still doesnt make sense to me to not allow me to insure my brand new Xoom Tablet?! I had purchased the phone like literally DAYS before the expiration for the availability of the unlimited data plan...  I'm like what does insuring my Tablet have to to with the Price of Eggs?...It wasn't on unlimited data? I was told it was a completely different device and could not be added to my original unlimited data plan?!  but...whatever?!..I'm happy...NOW...I just now use my phone as wifi hotspot and am dropping data plans on all other devices...It works for me. They still keep me under a 2 year obligation on the phone...I guess from here on out I'll be paying full price for my devices to keep my unlimited data...:-(  and stay away from those stinking 2 year obligations!