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Re: TravelPass Rip Off


All I am saying that it is OK to reduce the speed but  The speed should be enough to search on the web check emails .  It  was first time when I used Verizon’s travel pass last month .  After .5 GB of data use my speed was so slow that I can barely open my emails .  Luckily I did not cancel my T-Mobile’s line which has international package on it .   They also slow down your speed but it is much faster than VZW .

All I am asking is don’t give me 20 Mbps LTE speed when I am traveling internationally but at least you need one or two Mbps speed to do the basic surfing on the Internet .  I will ask Verizon‘s CEO to travel with the same what they are offering to customer when they’re traveling internationally and feel how exactly frustrating it is when you are sending an email and suddenly you receive a text message that you have  reach to the data limit for the day.  After that sending every email will  take  long time.

  All I am asking is Please compare  your plans with other competitions  .

It is good to have the best coverage in the nation and worldwide .  But it should be used able .

It is like having enough food in your lunchbox but you can have only one bite in entire day.