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Re: TravelPass Rip Off

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Community Manager

Tycooper, we certainly want you to enjoy using TravelPass when traveling outside the USA. As our valued customer, your global usage concerns are our concerns too. Please keep in mind that a 24 hour TravelPass session starts when you place or answer a call, send a text or use data in a TravelPass country. This includes background data and automatic updates. Incoming texts do NOT start a session. When ½ GB of data is used in one TravelPass session, the data speed will be reduced. Speed will resume with the next session.

Although having access to TravelPass is a very good option, a lot depends on how you're using your mobile device while traveling abroad (e.g. . I also recommend use of Wi-Fi whenever a signal is available. As a friendly reminder, when you're connected to Wi-Fi you won't incur any data usage because you aren't using the Verizon Wireless network. RobertC_VZW


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