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Re: iPhone 8 in Ireland/Northern Ireland

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You've asked some great questions. I hope you have a great time away in beautiful Ireland! Let's chat about your international travel plan options. It's never good to come home from a trip to any surprise charges. We recommend checking out the international travel planner by clicking here You'll be able to see what international plan would work best for your needs. You can add any of the travel plans via your online my Verizon account. I also wanted to pass along this helpful video with some great tips about traveling abroad:



Our community member is correct in that the iPhone 8 is unlocked, as all of our 4G devices are not locked. Are you going to be purchasing a SIM card in Ireland? If so, then an international plan with us would not be needed. This is because you would be using a SIM card with an Ireland wireless carrier. Does this part make sense?



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