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Plan de llamadas internacionales

I wish all CSR were trained properly, so we can be advised correctly. For example, I called a few days ago, CSR explained to me very well how to turn off Mobile Data and on Airplane Mode when travel overseas to avoid paying $10 per day if you don't have to. But I forgot how to do it, so I called again tonight, the lady did not know or understand the features completely and kept misguiding me, I got so frustrated and asked to speak to another CSR, she then hanged up on me, then texted me that she would call me back. I was still on the phone and saw the text figuring not to lose that call since it was still running, but not one call came in. After awhile, I had to call in again - not very happy with her performance. OMG, James is so good and knowledgeable, he knew exactly what I wanted and gave me everything I needed, even allowed me to rephrase everything he said, so that I could truly understand how the whole thing work. Very Happy With James! Thank you James so much!