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Re: Pixel's and Android 10?

I've had the update since it was released in early September.  Only one problem that I will outline below.  Otherwise, I wouldn't pay attention to all the other noise about the update.  I don't have any of those issues and love the update.  There are millions of these Pixel 1, 2 and 3 out there and a very few devices will always have problems. 

Now, here's my issue.  There are a number of threads on Android Central and the Google Pixel Community Forums about the "weak signal after the update."  I didn't notice it at first, because I updated at work and there is a tower within 100 yards of my window, so I always get 5 bars there.  However, when going to weaker signal areas I notice a huge difference after the update.  In places I got 2 to 3 bars before, such as my home, I now get zero (yes zero) or 1 bar.  I used to be able to stream anything at home, now very rarely can do this. 

As I mentioned, there are hundreds of people just on the Google Pixel Community Forums stating the same thing.  I believe Google is at fault here as it is something in their update.  Verizon doesn't interfere with the updates on the Pixel.  The Google Pixel updates come at the same time each month like clockwork.  It is possible there is something that got changed in the interface between the phone and the towers.  I would appreciate anyone from Verizon answering here or reaching out to me as I could give them the tower IDs of the ones that suddenly turned to garbage after the update.  I have the Signal Check Pro app that gives me this information.  Possibly my phone needs to be "reprovisioned" or something after this update.