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Re: WiFi Calling keeps turning off


Absolutely that's a fantastic idea, unfortunately it's one that I've

already tried months ago to no avail. Being that it's solely an issue with

the Google pixel 2 I'm inclined to believe that it has something to do with

Google security patches that it rolled out over the last couple months

because that's really when the issue started to rear its ugly head. I know

that Verizon handles the Wi-Fi calling through its system but Google's new

security protocols I believe are shutting that down because it perceives it

as a threat of data mining. I've read the script of all this stuff and very

well-versed in some areas, not all.

What makes it so difficult is I have zero service at my residence. My wife

has service and she has the brand new Galaxy phone and my son has service

and it's really just me. So with this Wi-Fi issue literally ending phone

calls in the middle of them it's kind of hard to run my business buy my

reviewer and I own a company called streamline consultations where am I use

technology to integrate better ways of conducting business to save money I

look like a fool when I can't even make a phone call. Being that my phone

has to switch who roaming mode because I have zero service at my house in a

metropolitan area I am left with a useless device that is fully paid for.

Google is really pushing for their new security protocols to be implemented

throughout all of their devices with their branding whether it be on your

network or not this is something they want to guarantee aside from network

issues. I attend their symposiums on these types of things regularly. As

amazing as the Google pixel 2 is and it truly is an amazing phone I just

finished paying for a glorified paperweight I can't even make a phone call

at my house I need to drive about a half-mile away to get a call that might

drop or it might just stay in roaming. I have done every single

troubleshooting tactic there is up to replacing the phone. This is cost me

so much money and time. Verizon is the only company that is equipped to

deal with something like this and really the only fair thing to do would be

to provide me a comprable phone as in the new Samsung plus the bigger of

the two and provide it for free being that my phone is completely paid for.

And I paid full price for it after the representative at the corporate

store took advantage of my not paying attention to the way he was

structuring everything sneakily. My son's biological father had just been

killed by the police in my son was suffering PTSD my mind was elsewhere and

this particular individual knew that. How would I go into a Verizon store

to add a line and use my last upgrade I say last because after that you

guys weren't offering the massive discounts on upgrades like you used to

why would I not use those and decide to pay full price for the phone? Se

because of that that I feel I am entitled to a replacement at full value

and I paid over $1,000 for my phone so I feel I should be able to pick any

phone in your guyses line up if you want to be able to keep my business and

I really hope you do because I don't have the money to go out and purchase

a new one. I am not adding another large sum of money to my account with

you guys you have already brought me through the wringer at you can go back

on my account 8 years and see how you guys had a dummy phone with a data

plan on my account for over a year-and-a-half before that cost me all kinds

of money and problems. Running a technology-based company and not being

able to be on the phone is truly detrimental to me and would result in me

having the move and go through all these extra issues. I've always been an

advocate of Verizon but you guys have left me scorned I appreciate the

personal attention I truly do and this is not a personal attack but if you

have the deal with the stuff that I have to deal with while trying to take

care of a family and deal with the issue at the same time it's almost too

much to bear. Some of that legendary customer service and compassion in the

realm of what can we do to fix this individual's life that we have helped

damage is what I need from you guys to move on. Situation like this as bad

as this sounds I have to think of my family and let go of my pride, this is

a good marketing thing for you guys to show that you care about your

customers. Everyone knows you have the best service but behind the Verizon

curtain why's a Sea of Faces with no distinction. Bring some distinction to

it empathize with my kids to go see therapist as if it were you struggling

to be able to put food on the table because your phone drops calls. Ayuda

how I can say

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