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Re: Moto Voice not recognizing commands


I put the phone in safe mode and sat in the car for a half an hour or so testing it out.  It appeared to be working correctly.  Instead of removing apps one by one to try and find the culprit, I just did an FDR and did not install any apps (just let the pre-loaded apps update).  Right away I noticed problems.  It would recognize commands for text input but was having trouble actually sending the texts consistently. After verifying what I said, it would just sit there and not actually send the message (or, it would just say "opening Google" and then do nothing else).  The few times it did send the text, Moto Voice did not notify me or read me the incoming text.  I verified that Moto Voice was set to read incoming text in drive mode, and I went ahead and un-checked and then re-checked the option.  After that it would read the incoming texts.  Now, about 8 times out of 10, Moto Voice will correctly recognize voice input.

Is this just another symptom of the bluetooth problems caused by the Lollipop updates on the original Droid Turbos?